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Rampage Glitch !


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So, I finished the game, I collect all packages and I wanted to start Rampage missions but there's no skull icons in the game.


- I saved and restarted PS4 and change city, no skull appear

- I checked 3-4 skulls locations in Portland but no one is here

- I never do one Rampage mission

- When I press start, there's none line about accomplished Rampage mission


Please someone have a idea how I can fix this, I don't want to play a second playthrough, It's painfull because aim is very hard on this version, not like on PC.


Sorry for my bad English too.



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WOW !!!

I found the problem, I don't get the skull icons and no info about rampage in the menu because it was sensored version of GTA 3.

I'm from Belgium and my PS4 and game was in french and I can't do rampage missions. I change my PS4 to english, unistall the trylogie of GTA, reboot my PS4, install again GTA 3 and launched with my save and now I get the rampage missions and the blood when you shoot.

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I think, I'm not sure but if I only change the language to English and restart my game it's doesn't change the version, like I said I change language to EN on my PS4 and reinstall the game to be able to obtain trophies. But yeah originaly I can't get plat because I get sencored version.

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