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"The miracle begins" didn't pop?

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I was having trouble with the game freezing/hanging early on. I had to quit the game and reload my save a few times up until about halfway through chapter 1. Then I decided to delete the game and redownload it which seems to have fixed all my issues. (I think when i first downloaded it i was downloading another game at the same time and might've paused and resumed the DL a couple times). What I didn't notice until now though is that I have the chapter 1 clear trophy before the prologue clear one O_O. I might've finished the prologue on my vita, but used my PSTV since... but its the same memory card so i don't think that would matter. I'll switch over to it and check, but i doubt it'll matter.

Edit: nevermind... i switched to my vita and synced trophies and it was there. I'm still really confused about why its different despite being on the same memory card.

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