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Would it be rude?


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So this last Christmas when I get my PlayStation 4 I also manage to get Fallout 4 as a Christmas gift. It was right at the top of my list. Now ever since I learned of the Pip-Boy Edition I wanted that over just the normal game however the normal game was what I got and I didn't complain. However I would like to obtain the Pip-Boy Edition not only for collecting but because I can use the Pip-Boy for my cosplay.

The issue that arises however is that I already have the game and I can't get the pip-boy off eBay without also buying the game. The few listings that I can find of the Pip-boy without the game are just about the same.

However if I get the Pip-Boy Edition with the game then I would probably want to trade in my original game since I wouldn't need two copies. This then brings up my question of if that would be rude since it was originally a gift...thoughts?

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You could always sell the copy of the game that comes with the Pip Boy edition and keep the other since you only seem to want the Pip Boy.




and personally i wouldn't be offended, since you obviously liked my gift that much, that you even want to get yourself a "better" version of it. so i would just think: "it definitely was the right gift for you" ;)

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