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I've been a fan of Civilization since I was a child playing Call to Power. While I understand I won't find the depth of any PC version of Civilization, I do want a game that similar and fun to play. Can anyone inform me as to their experience with this title before I purchase it? Thanks.

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The game has not the same depth as the PC versions, Revolution is the "Iphone" series of the franchise with faster games and in general easier choices.


I did enjoy the game a lot and it was a fun game to platinum for the vita, there are some parts that is a bit annoying but nothing over the top (Tapping the screen for "Create Army" is one of them).

The game is similar enough to be a Civilization game, it's fun to play (In my opinion) and the community is really great.


Sadly trophy wise you will only play Random Map mode as everything else disables trophies and progression so you'll get to see the same "maps" a lot, they are often tiny islands with low resources and enemy towns close.

There is no Real strategy to the game as you can technically play a culture civilization and kill everyone with tanks against a war nation.


Well that is my take on it.

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