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Whats your favourite song to kick ass too?


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Lately been listening to this one while doing so"
Lifeseeker - Gone Guru

And this song was featured in the first Dead Rising game, it plays when you're being chased by some prisoners who are driving a jeep with a machine gun attached to it while trying to kill you when you step into the park outside the park. So when this song is playing, it's them either kicking your ass, or you kicking theirs, lol
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Emiya from Crow's Claw


United we Stand, Divded we Fall from Two Steps from Hell


Cross Gazer ost from Demon Gaze:


Jerusalem ost from Freedom Wars.


And when things get real I listen to It Has To Be This Way from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance


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Makeup and Vanityset is great. This is one of his more energetic tracks.


(Didn't find a YT upload of this).



Hotline Miami 2's soundtrack had alot of great hack and slash music, especially The Fans levels which I think were the most energetic.


Carpenter Brut is the fucking best!



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