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Very easy way to beat Defiled Chalice Amygdala


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I've heard this fight is rough, but I found out a way to beat her with ease. I got my platinum 2 nights ago, and beat her on my second try, so I thought I'd post my technique.

Pretty much just run behind her, bait the jump, then hold R2 and hit her head when she lands in front of you.

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This doesn't work well until it rips it's limbs off! :P


Also, you gotta stand perfectly still when it jumps, else it will hit you, but it will never hit you if you just stand still. (unless there's another hunter there with you that it tries to avoid)




A video of me doing it. I'm just playing around at the beginning, testing stuff, and yeah, don't go behind it at the beginning. Follow what I say in the description and this boss is super easy. :P

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Exactly the same strategy I used, however I found out that if you just start charging your R2 attack without moving after she jumps, the attack won't hit her head's hitbox. In case this happens  all you have to do is move a couple of steps towards the camera( assuming  the camera was looking at her back when she jumped up) and start charging your attack after that.

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The easiest way by far is to use the Hunter Axe transformed.Get to her back quickly,not too far but not too close either (so she can't hit you with her hands).Wait for her to jump,stand still and start holding R2.You will do that double-circle-slash and you will hit her head (you will not get hit this way).After you hit her,immediately double roll to her back,rinse and repeat till she dies.Got her in 3rd try using this method.The first two times i died when she had 1% health because i stopped using this method and tried to finish her with regural attacks.I got greedy and she one-shot me.The real nightmare was that piece of shit,first boss in the last dungeon.The descendant or whatever.I hope the guy who designed that battle,get stabbed by throwing knives that pass through a wall

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i just beat that dog recently so definitely gona try this when i unlocked this boss room, thanks for the vids guys 



edit: in the second phase it keeps landing on me even if i stand still. can reliably get to the part where it rips its arms off.


second edit: it didnt jump on me this time, had to take a few steps towards it whenever it jumped then charged attack and through its legs again. thank you guys so much for these videos. i see a platinum on the horizon for me :)

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