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Collectibles Glitch?

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Hi, everyone.  Been slowly going for the collectibles trophy - The Knowledge - in single player.  It's the last trophy I need for the platinum.  Been having some glitch issues with the collectibles tracking.  Several days ago, I went through chapter 6 while following Powerpyx's vids which are included in this site's trophy guide.  Got every collectible.  Waited for a checkpoint and exited out of the game.  Checked the collectibles and it showed I was missing a few.  Played through the chapter again.  Did the same thing.  Still didn't register that I found every collectible.  Still showed I was missing a few.  I think the same 2 or 3.  Deleted my game save.  Started a brand new game on easy difficulty.  Went through chapter 2 while following the video guide.  Found every collectible.  Waited for a checkpoint.  Exited out of the game.  Checked my collectibles progression for chapter 2 and it showed that I had only collected a few of the collectibles in chapter 2 when I know I got all of them.  Anybody else have the same problem with this game?  Is there a fix for it?  t's the last trophy I need for the platinum. :(

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Yeah.  I deleted and re-installed the game.  Got through 4 chapters so far and so far, so good.  Hopefully, it'll be smooth sailing this time.  Kinda annoying when it's the last trophy you need for the platinum and I've sunk probably well over 200 hours into this game.  Did all the mp for all the mp trophies for the platinum with no boost, just straight, legit play.  So yeah.  I want that damn platinum!! LOL

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I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd give it a go. Finished my Hard playthrough and the collectibles trophy didn't pop. Noticed in chapter select I was missing a comic on Chapter 7, went through it again and none of the comics spawn in. Does anyone have a fix to this I'm really not wanting to do an entire replay again on top of the chapters i need to clean up for no deaths. 


Any help is appreciated!

Edit: i also reinstalled the game (same version i was playing on as its digital) and the missing collectible spawned in and the trophy popped

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