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Basically a free platinum for player 2

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...you know, provided you meet the requirements.


Hi, so when I bought this game a couple months ago there was a bunch of reasons I didn't want to but did in the end because I thought I'd do some co-op with the girlfriend and it would be swell, we played a few levels and whatnot, it was fun, and she never went back into the game. I got back into it solo mode a week or two back and platinum'd it a couple days ago on my own.


The trophy descriptions are very odd for this game. They never actually tell you to unlock anything, just make use of stuff once it's unlocked. 


Now, when we actually played the game when we first grabbed it, it was cool to have both of us pop trophies, I like when games do that, but anyway, I already knew from that that if I popped a trophy, she would too. So since most of the trophies are play as X and X, or go to all the worlds, or play with all the red bricks on and so forth, I thought it was worth seeing if they would pop for her too.


So I'm playing it on mine and we're just fucking around and she swaps to all the characters for the trophies, and she turns on the 100% fountain in Stark Tower, and she does all of them, and now all she's got left are the leftover main story mission trophies for completing the missions, which can be earned in free play as well.


tl;dr if you have the platinum on your account, you can sign in as a friend in 2 player and pop pretty well every trophy damn near instantly for them, and then all that's left is to burn through the story mode with them in free play which should only be a few hours anyways. 


I'll definitely do this on my second account some time when I feel like replaying the main story in the future, may as well get me a free platinum trophy. Oh, and one more thing, you can't just jump into the third act of a mission and finish it from there, the level completion trophies require you actually complete the level, though you could beat it in single player mode and throw the second remote on at the end of the level probably, if you were just double platting it on a second account. 


Edit: for formatting, it removed the spaces between paragraphs on my first attempt for some reason.

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Hmm, would it be against the rules to do something like that though?

Just asking out of curiosity.

My brother has the platinum, and we share a single PS4 in the family, would it break rules to do your suggested method?

Well on PS4 you can't hack trophies yet, supposedly anyway, so I doubt it. The same thing happened by accident with Marvel 1 for us, we were playing on mine but she launched the game (so she launched it, but loaded my save) and a bunch of trophies were unlocked. Like, she has the 100% trophy in that game, but is missing a few character unlock trophies for example. You should be right, but then, I wouldn't know, I can't really get any *more* flagged, can I?

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This would be stupid if it was against the rules.... not like everyone know this would happen. If anything I blame the developer for badly not  thinking this might happen.

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They have a problem coding trophies for player 2. They didn't even bother for the first 3 games on the console for some reason. In my experience, the trophies being as you describe is only way they can get the trophies to work consistently for player 2. I've played all the PS4 Lego games with my other half and only 2 have worked 100%. Lego Avengers and Lego Batman 3. If a trophy requires you to collect/unlock anything it doesn't work for player 2. These 2 games replaced all the collectible trophies with the 100% stud fountain which like you said only requires you to view it so the trophies work. So if Lego Force awakens has a stud fountain trophy, player 2 is good to go if not they are shit out of luck.

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