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Can you Import save date from US version of the original game to EU version of Ace?

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As the title says, I'm planning to get the original game then grab the Ace version and since the standard Ragnarok Odyssey has been unlisted from the European PSN store the only way to play the game is by buying the physical copy US version.


So wondering if you can import your save between different versions:


US Ragnark Odyssey > EU Ragnarok Odyssey: Ace


I could always grab the physical version of Ace but that's US only again and is running fairly expensive at £30+ from what I've seen at the moment and If Ace is at like £10 sometime in the near future in a sale would grab it ready to play :)


Anyone know the answer to this or have done it/tried to do it with success or not?




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Correct me If I'm wrong, but I don't think so. Game Saves are tied to the Region Code, so The US edition would either be NPUB or BLUS while EU is BLES or NPEB I think? So since the code of the save file won't match the region code of the game, it wouldn't recognize it. Though I could be wrong.

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I imagine you won't be able to import the save, as I had a similar issue with Toukiden where I was trying to transfer the EU Toukiden Age of Demons save across to the US version of Toukiden Kiwami.  


Because it didn't match the region code, I'd get a message telling me that no save data existed

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Nope you can't.


It so much easier to get the plat than the standard version....you are not losing out on much. 

Ah that's a shame will have to just grab the US retail version then, Retail copies keep there value even if the upfront purchase is more  so it's all good  :)

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