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Easy XP / Money grind


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Enjoy, friends.


As per Hans advice!


*** I actually improved on this later:
1. Use Order Awaken Potential on Alicia
2. Alicia runs forward to the left of the Shock Trooper through the grass totally ignoring all bullets
3. Cut across behind tank (the rest is the same)
This fun trip requires you to only deploy Alicia and takes maaaybe 2 minutes.
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If you aim for A-rank some missions you will easily get more then enough money/EXP (I have almost 3 million EXP and 10 million money when I finished getting all A-ranks after maxing everyone out.. but then I had to run three times through the story and A-rank almost everything on my first playthrough and everything on my 2nd and 3rd playthrough.. without even doing a single Skirmish in that process)..


Sincerely I don't think there's any need to grind for EXP/money even on your first playthrough if you can get consistent A/B ranks..


As for your vid, why didn't you simply rushed through with Alicia (Defense or Caution Orders, or both are all that's needed to rush through the mission.. and while I don't remember when we get Caution, the Defense order is gotten quite early..).. but, ya, that's the best map to grind if you need to grind..

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You'll notice in the description I included an Alicia only run that I worked out afterward using Awaken Potential. Never used Caution before though, I may check it out!


I only saw the vid posted here, I didn't went to the YT page to see it, that's why I didn't saw that second option (you should have posted that 2nd strategy here too, since people don't go to YT to see the description if they can watch the vid here).


The basic stuff for rushing with scouts (specially with Alicia, because of her Mysterious Body, Resist Fire, Double Movement Potentials) in story mode is to use the Caution+Defense Boost+Awaken Potential Orders to rush through everything. But usually to clear Skirmish on Hard in 1 turn (work for 7-8 of them) is based only around Isara's Smokel or only Awaken Potential Order, to save CP, since you need to use Demolition Order on your Scout to make it able to destroy tanks and turrets that are on the target base camp. Only the Naggiar Plains Hard Skirmish takes longer then 1 turn, all Skirmish except this one and the 1st one only require Awaken Potential + Demolition Order (and Alicia) to clear in 1 turn (the first one just requires an Engineer, 1 Lancer and Isara's Smokel).


Caution is essentially the Resist Fire Potential, and both stack if I'm not wrong, it's mainly useful because you don't need to wait for it activate (so if you end a turn in heavy fire, you will not be getting massive damage for the split second that the potential takes to activate), but usually it's to expensive to use with Awaken Potential in the Skirmishes, and Awaken Potential is much more useful when using Alicia.

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