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Glitched trophies will be patched in next update


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Same, didn't get the Circle is Complete trophy either.  It's so sad a game this old still has trophy glitches like this.


Would it be so hard to just hot-fix a solution in where when you load your profile up, it checks if you have the full ring, then pops it? Surely it's possible if the developer actually cares...

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On 8/7/2017 at 10:13 PM, fixbane said:

Didn't get circle is complete, @Nelguz did you have to delete all of your saves or just delete the game/redownload and start a new campaign run?

I just deleted the game (not sure if you need to do it, but I just did it just incase)  and redownloaded, and played on a new save file on the easiest setting, didn't remove my old save file just started a new game. 

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