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Overdrives count as magic?


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I got

1 armor with Auto-Protect, Auto-Med, Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix

2 armor with                     , Auto-Med,                   , Auto-Phoenix

I've been grinding Light Curtains for 8 hours now and got 90 of them, I can add it to one of the armor and will add to my 2 armors. SO I need 1 more Auto-thingy on my 2 armors but last time I went through omega dungeon only problem was Omega Weapon's ultimate ability: Nova. It dealt 7000 to all of us so Im planning if I use Auto-Shell on Yuna's armor even tho it halfs the healing, then I wont have auto-haste on yuna but maybe yuna can survive Nova then. And does Auto-Shell protect against Overdrives? like dark aeons 9999 hit to half it to 4999

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overdrives are counted as special magic, which means shell or protect won't work.


also have to say, i don't know for sure if shell won't work when the enemy is casting it, also it is an magic based overdrive. but because i know player overdrives are counted as special and nova is an overdrive kimahri can learn, it sounds highly unlikely it should work.


if you still hestitate too much you can also try to use an shell spell to test if it works before using up all your curtains.


also you are talking about light curtains, but they are for auto protect, not shell. the lunar curtains are for shell.

besides of that i am not a big fan of auto shell anyway, because as you also mentioned it halves healing too. auto protect however can be quite useful imo.


remember also before you use up this items for your armor, if you only do this for omega weapon: there are much stronger monsters. so if you want to use this armor many more times i recommend doing this, but if it only is for omega you should consider yourself if this is worth it to use up all your items to make this armor for just 1 enemy.


also have a last tip for you: if you want to get 99 curtains in 1 time, you can also unlock juggernaut for 99 light curtains and abaddon for 99 lunar curtains. also remember to use up the ones you have now because 99 is also the cap, so in a manner of fact the ones you have not used are lost when unlocking them.


i hope this helps. good luck.

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