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How old are your current consoles?


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After the topic asking you how many consoles do you currently have, this time, I thought I'd ask for how long do you own those consoles?


Personally, this is how long I've owned each of my consoles:


  • Game Boy: 20 years (I haven't touched it in quite a while, but I'm assuming it still works).
  • Game Boy Color: 18 years
  • Game Boy Advance: 15 years
  • Playstation One: 14 years
  • GameCube: 12 years
  • Nintendo DS: 8 years
  • Playstation 3: 7 years
  • PSP: 7 years
  • Xbox 360: 6 years
  • Nintendo 3DS: 3 years
  • Playstation 2: 2 years (This is the only console I've ever had two units of. The first unit I got in 2005 - i.e. 11 years ago - but ever since 2010, the disc drive started to become weaker and weaker until it was nigh on impossible to play games on it. I finally sent it for repair with Sony and they just sent me a brand spanking new one, the very latest Slim model).
  • Playstation Vita: My newest baby, only have it since last year.


I also have a gaming computer since 2012, but it can't play anything from the 8th generation.




You can also write any consoles you plan on getting, if you wish to. Personally, I plan on getting a Playstation 4 sometime this year.




How about you guys? How long have you had your consoles for? (Please list them in chronological order to make it easier for us all to read).

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GameBoy Advance SP (2006) ~ 10 years old

PS2 Slim (2007) ~ 9 years old

Nintendo DS Lite (2007) ~ 9 years old

PSP-3004 (2010) ~ 6 years old (Action buttons don't work anymore though)

PS Vita (2012) ~ 4 years old

All my consoles except the PSP work perfectly. I plan on getting a PS4 sometime this year, still not sure if I should wait for Neo. The DS and GBA were gifts from family, the rest I bought on my own.

Edit : Finally got a PS4 (Date of purchase : 6th July 2016)

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My Sega Megadrive is almost as old as me.. used to be my sister's originally, but I played it more so she let me keep it.  25 years old and it still runs.


Had all my consoles from launch.


Handhelds are a bit more tricky to say.


PS3: Turns 4 this month actually.

PS4: Not even a year old and has an older brother on the way. -_-


Do you mean a younger brother? :P

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DS-sama: 5 years old

PS2-san: 4 years old (condition unknown, haven't touched it since my dog thought it's memory card is a chew toy)

3DS-san: 3 years old (will turn 4 in few months)

Vita-tan: 3.5 years old (bought last 12/17/2012)

PS3-kun: 2.5 years old (bought last 12/06/2013)

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Ps2: bought it in 2005

Ps3: Came late to the party, february 2012

Ps4: Pending. Planning on getting it when the neo comes out. gGood thing i waited since many games are remasters that i could play on ps3 for a cheaper price( i dont mind graphics or framerates that much) and also the fact games suddenly became $80 here in Canada. By the time Neo cames out, triple A titles will be cheaper :)

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Original Xbox (13 games): Fall 2004


PS2 (9 games): Spring 2007


PS3 (20 games): December 2009


PS4 (4 games): November 2013


And if I still had my other consoles...


Sega Genesis (16 games): Christmas 1993 (sold in fall 2004, though thanks to digital downloads, I repurchased one of them on PS3)


PSX (11 games): Summer 2001 (sold in fall 2004, though thanks to digital downloads, I repurchased three of them on PS3)

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  • 8 months later...

Well here is mine


First Atari 2600: 14 years ago

PS2 Slim: 12 Years ago

Gameboy Advance SP: 11 years ago

Nintendo DS: 10 Years ago 

PlayStation 3: 7 Years ago

Second Atari 2600: 4 Years ago 

PlayStation Vita: 3 Years ago 

PlayStation 4: 2 Years ago 

PlayStation 1: 1 Year ago

Nintendo 3DS: 5 months ago

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PS2 fat: 1999

Gameboy Advance SP: 2003 (I used to have something similar before, but can't for the life of me remember the name of it. It only played things like Snake and Space Invaders).

PS2 slim: 2003

Nintendo DS: 2005

Nintendo Wii: 2008

PS3: 2012 (Was still having fun with the PS2 for many years into the PS3 release)

PS4: 2015

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Here's my current list of what I still have. Lots of older consoles went to my younger siblings back in the day when I upgraded. :)


DS: 2008

PS2 Slim: early 2009 - replacement for my 2002 PS2.

PS3: Sept. 2009

Wii: Dec. 2009

3DS: Dec. 2011

Vita: Feb. 2012

Wii U: 2013

PS4: Sept. 2014


I did buy an extra DS and PS3 as the originals began to age sometime in there, but can't remember when exactly. I bought a PSP in 2007 but it died a few years ago. :(

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NES 30 years old

NES top loader 4 years 

SNES 20 years or so

N64 5 years

GameCube since it launched

Wii 10 years

Wii u 2 years

Genesis 8 years

Sega cd 8 years

Saturn 15 years

Dreamcast 18 years

Xbox 2 years

360 10 years

Xbox one 2 years

Ps2 14 years

Ps3 8 years

Ps4 2 years

3do 8 years

Turbo cd 6 years

Pcfx 9 years


Game boy advance 10+ years

Ds lite launch version 

3ds xl 3 years

3ds xl 2 years

Psp slim launch version

PS vita 5 years

Neo geo pocket color 15 years

Game gear  23 years or so

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Super Nintendo - 1 year old (bought in 2016)

Game Boy Advance - 17 years old (bought in 2000)

Game Gear - 5 months old )Bought in August 2016)

GameCube - 16 years old (bought in 2001)

PlayStation - 3 years old (bought in 2014)

PlayStation 2 (Original) - 4 years old (bought in 2012)

PlayStation 2 (Slim) - 12 years old (bought in 2005)

Nintendo DS Lite - 10 years old (bought in 2007)

Nintendo 3DS XL - 3 years old (bought in 2014)

Nintendo Wii - 10 years old (bought in 2007)

Nintendo Wii U - 8 months old (bought in June 2016) 

PlayStation Vita - 4 months old (Bought in September 2016)

PlayStation 3 (Slim) - 8 years old (Bought in 2009) 

PlayStation 3 (Super Slim) - 4 years old (Bought in 2013)

PlayStation 4 - 2 years old (Bought in 2015)

Xbox 360 - 9 years old (Bought in 2008) 

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Well, here we go:


PS2: Since 2002/3 (14 years). It doesn't really work anymore, as it was a chipped/homebrewed unit - the videogame market was really scarce in Peru in those years (for both consoles and games) and those modified consoles dominated the market back then.


Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP: Since 2005 (12 years). I recieved it on 2005' Christmas. Had a blast playing it, but sadly the battery died and couldn't find a replacement. Nowadays, it's stored somewhere on my house with all it's games. Hopefully I can repair it someday.


Nintendo Wii: Since 2006 (11 years). This one was very special for us, because we bought it almost in the release period, and it was our first "original" console, although it was quite expensive (2100 soles, which converts to ~$500 dollars from today).


PS3 (Slim): Since 2012 (5 years). Definitely one of the most solid consoles I've ever used. 


Nintendo Wii-U: Since 2014 (3 years). The Wii-U was an odd one, the fact that it could play ALL Wii games via Backwards Compatibility made it a guaranteed buy as our original Wii's disc lens malfunctioned and stopped reading game discs.


PS Vita: Since 2014 (3 years). This one isn't actually mine (or ours, for that matter). It belongs to one of my little brothers, who got it as a gift in 2014' Christmas. 


Nintendo 3DS XL: Since 2014 (3 years). This one isn't mine, too. One of my brothers recieved it on 2014' Christmas.


PS4: Since 2015 (2 years). Probably our third most used console (after the Wii and PS3).


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