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Is the site down where you used to be able to see your Beat L.E? I remember spending a lot of time making those but no one ever found them.


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I'm honestly not sure. I never set mine up to public, only my friends, but if you add me on PSN, I can see if I can find yours. 

On 6/18/2019 at 8:50 AM, Terminus124 said:

Story-wise Catalyst feels like it's a companion video game to some other media (usually movie). Characters weren't properly introduced as if we were already supposed to know them, saying that writing is weak is a huge understatement and I'm in half of the story right now and still have zero idea of what's going on and what happened in the past despite the fact that my character knows it all. That's bad writing, plain and simple. Story almost exclusively happens through voice chat anyway, those few cutscenes here and there are short and almost pointless. I know there was some comic book released prior to the game but I'm not paying any more money to EA to get background story that should've been in the game in the first place!

Gameplay-wise it's annoying running from point A to point B only to run to point C that's in A's direction only it seems even further away. Battles are terrible. Game is too repetitive.


I played original ME years ago and while I remember the story was weak I do remember it more fondly than this mess. It at least explained more at the beginning. Maybe gameplay was similar back then but that would only mean it aged badly and Catalyst was a bad game right from the release.

I'd given original ME 4/5 back in the day. Catalyst is 3/5 and depending on how the story goes might even go down to 2/5. I regret buying it already even though it was on sale for only 5 pounds or so. Got a huge backlog so this game is kind of a waste of time. At least platinum trophy seems easy enough.


Edit: Just learned they developed it with Anita Sarkeesian as consultant. That explains A LOT. Had I known this I would've been much more careful purchasing this game.

Who is Anita? ^^ Probably a dumb question. 


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