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How To Speed Up My Hero Mode

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I can't recall if this mode had any instructions, but I didn't read them anyway :P I just discovered I wasted alot of time following bad advice on the internet on how to do this mode and plain just not understanding how it works so I thought I'd share some of my unvast knowledge with you guys and hopefully some others have some tips to speed up this grindy trophy. (Going with the old saying if one person has a question, there must be more out there)



So this is basically what took me a few hours to understand:



-Pressing triangle opens up a quest menu which gives you coins and gems as rewards


-R2 and L2 only buys potions


-Contrary to popular belief, L1 and R1 are not quick uses for potions but rather independent bar fillers. They recharge and do not take up a potion to use


-Bosses are one hit knockouts, but you can attack them with 0 health so there's no need to waste your health potions or wait for the bar to refill until after the boss fight


-Kissing ladies take up a lot of stamina. You have no choice in the matter, but it took a while to figure out what was happening


-The barrel pubs fill up all your meters and take money out of your bag (usually cheaper than using potions)


-The game confused me at the beginning saying go back and the hero will call you when needed. The mini game does not go on while you out in the main game or in in-game menus, however


-Your health regenerates when you aren't running (AKA knocked back)



As for potions and upgrades:


-Stamina potions are usually given out as prizes so you don't need to buy many. Also, you can usually manually recharge your stamina bar with the button before it runs out (usually means always in this context) I bought up 15 and now I have 30 so don't waste your money.


-Unless you are idling, don't buy health potions until you need them. The damage you inflict on enemy does not reset when you get knocked back and it's alot cheaper to manually heal instead


-As for upgrading, everything I read says focus on the sword. But I used the 2000 diamonds I started with to buy the gem sword that costs that much and it went well until I realized I was taking 2-4 health potions to kill a single enemy (I'm looking at you green orgor) I then bought the steel shield and saw that I took around half the damage from attacks. Later I bought the horned helmet and now I can kill most things with one full health bar. I don't know if this is the best way to go about it or if buying the armor would have been better (isn't there a shrug emotion?)



So that's all the tips I have, does anyone else have any tips or tricks they used that made it easier? Especially with the upgrading aspect



Okay, a few more things that have been figured out.


-You can press x over a L2 or R2 to use it.


-There seems to be more bosses the higher level you got. At level 13 I got three bosses within twenty minutes.


-At the equipment screen there is a skill point system in the lower left. I put all my points in attack and I no longer run low on health potions but now keep running out of stamina, so I started putting some in energy.



-By putting points in attack no enemy takes over a life bar and the game is going by very much faster.


-The blue girls do not take any coins, just stamina. You can skip them by pressing L2


-Your character does seem to run while you out of the game. Not much (I haven't seen him kill more then 1 enemy while I'm away) I don't know if he only runs while you are in the other areas of the game or what.


-Even if you run out of stamina, your character still walks forward so better to run out of this then health


-Bosses are actually not one hit knockouts. Still don't recommend wasting potions.

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I'm currently at level 10, and i only fought 3 bosses... killiing 30 will take a LONNNG time x.x


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On 7/9/2016 at 10:55 PM, Kittet3 said:

-Kissing ladies take up a lot of stamina. You have no choice in the matter, but it took a while to figure out what was happening


You do have a choice in the matter. Use a stamina boost thingie (L1) when the "kissing" starts, and it will end instantly and you will have full stamina again.



Btw, the Witcher trophy took me 8 hours...


Also, on the weapons/armor screen, press L1/R1 to scroll down to better upgrades. Buy the helmet that doesn't only defend, but also adds to your stamina, made a huge difference for me! :)

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