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Anyone up for Skyping and playing PS3?

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Just before i start talking about skyping etc, let me just mention all the games I have on PS3 which i play often:

-FIFA 13

-Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

-Call of Duty BlackOps 2

-Call of Duty Ghosts 




So basically i had a headset and it broke etc so I can't really talk ingame etc so now only option is speaking to friends on skype while playing a certain game. So if any of you guys wanna do missions on GTA V, play 1v1 on either COD games or even up for a fifa game or naruto fight, reply on this thread. My skype account is: KashSenpai

I have two PSN accounts, one of them are shown in my signature and the other is KashSenpai. Simply reply with what game you want to play with me and i'll tell you which account to add. My stats on COD have been messed up due to several hacking/modding in past experiences by other players on the game. So wanted to make a fresh start etc.  New account:KashSenpai


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