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No Man's Sky is NOT delayed, no legal issues, chill!

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I made this thread in response to an older thread:
No Man's Sky MIGHT be delayed again. Legal issues.
I posted this info in shorter form over there but since people often do not read past the original post, I thought it would be good to create a new thread.
See, this Dutch gossip magazine posing as a newspaper "De Telegraaf" (ask any of my fellow Dutchmen, this is not a real newspaper) posted a story about a Dutch developer who claimed that No Man's Sky was based on his patented 'super-formula'. This story was picked up internationally, and caused something of a fuss.
A few things were wrong from the start:
- The Dutch developer hasn't even seen the formula Hello Games is using, but he immediately assumes they're using his formula. Of course, history tells us that many times different mathematicians will come up with a related solution to something around the same time independently.
- Rather than actually asking Sony or Hello Games what the deal was, Telegraaf used the tabloid practice of sending an e-mail to Sony, then posting their article right away with the added lines "Sony did not want to respond immediately".
- Rather than contacting Hello Games directly or coming out with the story earlier, the Dutch Developer waits until two weeks before the game is supposed to be released.
As with all commentary on hyped games, this caused a lot of (unnecessary) commotion. Only looking at this site we see people claiming to cancel their pre-orders and declaring the game dead. All without even checking what Hello Games has to say about this.
As it turns out, this is what they have to say:

No Man's Sky doesn't actually use this "superformula" thing or infringe a patent.
This is a non-story... everybody chill
(シ_ _)シ

I wish Johan Gielis, the author, all the best in future.
We're going to meet and chat maths once the game is out


So there you have it. You have a competitor of a high-profile game claiming copyright infringement which apparently has been hinted at by an insider, and you have the same insider saying it's a load of bull.


Now at least you know both sides and you can make an informed decision. Personally, I have little doubt that these Dutch developers just want to ride the wind on the back of No Man's Sky, they're just bummed that someone else thought of the same thing as they did and is already releasing a hyped game with it - either that or they just want to take a look at the code of No Man's Sky. I'm kind of ashamed that they are from my country but then again thanks to that I can tell you with confidence that their choice of "newspaper" to talk to says enough.


At the very least, you can rest assured that the game will most likely not be delayed again, as it already went gold. The other thread on here used "MIGHT be delayed again" in its title, but even the instigator of this whole mess, the Dutch developer, said that it's not their intention to delay the game, just to have a talk. A delay has never been on the table.


As for people claiming this game can't be good because it has been delayed too much: They're a small team and they know they only have one shot to deliver their game. I'd say a bit of respect is in order for them taking this stance against rushed development. But of course, in the end it's up to you. Just make up your own mind instead of believing everything anyone says.


I should note at this point that I'm not affiliated with the developers of No Man's Sky in any way. I'm just psyched the game is finally being released and I think it's a shame if people miss out on this game because of this 'story'.

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