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Buggy Game :(

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So today I was capturing an outpost, when I got spotted. I wanted the XP for being undetected so i quit out and tried again. When I started, I had no HUD, enemy indicator, owl indicator...nothing. I killed a couple guys, but decided to quit out again to see if i could get my HUD back. When I started again, my HUD was back.... but the outpost was unlocked.... i checked my stats, and it says 10 unlocked, but when I look at my map it's 11 :(


Has anyone else had anything like this happen? I know you can't reset the outposts until you both complete the game, and have them all unlocked...I'm just wondering if i should restart now, @10 hours in, or hope that I can reset them later (I'm worried I won't be able to because of this counting glitch)


Edit- I just went ahead and restarted.

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