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All-round magician ?


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a558Ra1N posted a nice list on PlaystationTrophies.org:


white magic :

1) heart - restore one life

2) isle - place an isle in the air

3) cement - turn your single block into concrete and will stay in the air once placed.

4) multi cement - place a few blocks of concrete in the air.

5) ivy - plants will tie up the nearby blocks that it torches once placed.

6) lightning - destroy the last placed block.

black magic :

1) accelerate - speed up the falling blocks

2) bushes - plants will grow on top of the blocks to obstruct your view

3) chain - unable to rotate the block

4) auto rotate - block will rotate by itself

5) balloon - slows down your block if you dont avoid it

6) ghost - carry and dispose your last block placed.

7) bubble - last block placed will be bubbled up and floats in the air

8) weight - block becomes gigantic

9) frost - icy block

10) fog - topmost layer will have layers of fog blurring your vision

11) question mark - random effect

12) spell book - random effect

13) gold spell book - multiple effect.


The last one I needed was the multi cement spell: seems like you can only get it if you are in last place in a MP race. I had to deliberately play bad to get it.

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for those who hv problems with this too.. I got the gold spell book when i played a offline match, nothing happened. After getting it @online match (race, nearly did nothing to be last) it counts and the trophy pops

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