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Driveclub VR


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Have to get this out of the way: It's not news, Driveclub coming to VR has been known for a long time. Sony shutting down the devs caused some questions at first but they were quick to reassure that Driveclub VR was still coming. It's just that now that VR is almost here, they're going to make some noise about it, finally.


That being said: I love that this game is coming to VR. I didn't really enjoy it when I played it at first, thought it was a bit of a bore, but I bought it earlier this year on a crazy online sale with the season pass included and I can now enjoy it for what it is. It coming to VR is great since racing games is about a third of the stuff I think is best suited for VR. What with Project Cars having dropped PS VR support and Gran Turismo not being out yet, Driveclub is the single major player who can give us VR racing right away. They're being more cautious about a release date than when Sean Murray talks about multiplayer though so let's hope "2016" does not mean late december. I think Driveclub VR will have the most success if it releases well ahead of Gran TUrismo Sport, which has VR support and has a release date of mid-November.


Also, Driveclub VR with a new cover seems almost like it's a completely new game instead of VR support for the old game. What is going on there? I hope owners of the full game will at least get a nice online discount, just like with Bikes...



Playstation Access guys tried it out!



If that's true what he were saying, this game is going to be more awesome than the original Driveclub!


Thanks for that. Damn, I might just need a steering wheel...

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