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Time Attack trophy

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I've heard lots of reports this trophy is glitched, and I was wondering if anyone had anything concrete they could tell me. It seems that for some people playing solo works, or playing with another or as a group of four. Others have said it needs to either be a ranked online match or a private unranked match. Someone else said you don't need the 5 rounds or 10 rounds bonus etc etc.


I've attempted it in a variety of different ways and achieved it in under 30 minutes but still no trophy. I've done the five minute challenge and nothing came up as I have seen on other people's videos saying 'Time trial' blah blah.

Does anyone have any others ideas that could work or is it likely that I need to wait for it to be patched?


Cheers for any help.

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I actually wrote the trophy guide on this site for that DLC, so my advice should help. First, make sure you are playing in a ranked match. You should also play solo (tips are in the guide if you need them), and you don't need to get the 5 round and 10 round bonuses (I didn't get either and I still got the trophy on my first attempt). Also, are you just reaching round 20, or actually completing it i.e. surviving until round 21? The latter is what you should be doing to unlock this, and if you reach round 21 in under 32 min, the time attack in game pop up will tell you you achieved this and the trophy will pop shortly afterwards.

Guide Link: http://psnprofiles.com/guide/4721-Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-III-Descent-DLC-Trophy-Guide/edit#Time-Attack

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7 minutes ago, BB-BakkerJ said:

Can you use Round Robbin Gobblegums for this or does that somehow void the trophy?

In any of my experiences with call of duty gobblegums and trophies, they dont void anything, use ‘em if you got ‘em But then again, im kinda doing guess work as its been years Since i played call of booty part 3 and i didnt do the dlc

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