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Currently playing this game but I suck. Can anyone help?


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If anyone's still playing this game I'm wondering if someone is willing to near me some cards to help me get through levels more efficiently. I can do most levels on 7-8 solo but I cannot kill Surt, even with a group of 4. I am doing like 100 damage on him. I am aiming to go for this build. 

Muramasa = Serial Attacks+Brandish
Kona Hraesvelgr = Queen of the Hills
(Or Hraesvelgr = Sky Conqueror)
Peorth Scorpion Hammer = HP Up Lv.5+Berserk Lv.1
Hjahanir Card = Hjahanir's Edge
Muramasa Card = Dainsleif Power Up Lv.3+Brandish
Scorpion Hammer Card = Attack Up Lv.5+Attack Up Lv.5 -->2 cards
Legbiter Card = Crit Power Up Lv.5+Crit Power Up Lv.5
Mann Legbiter Card = Crit Attack Up Lv.5 + Attack Up Lv.1

I received the Sky Conquerer card last night and this is what I currently have and willing to listen if someone can give me advice. 

Weapon - Ullr Mysteltainn +10 152 atk, Attack up Lv. 4, Endure Lv.4 
Poporing Card - Attack Up Lv.1, Improved Knockback
Hunter Card - Attack Up Lv.1
High Orc Card - Attack Up Lv.4 
Cleric Card - Defense Up Lv.1
Horo Horon Card - Defense Up Lv.1, HP Up Lv.2
Grizzly Bebe Card - Crit Power Up Lv.2, Crit Power Up Lv.1 (change to Scavenger Hunt when farming)
Orc Chief Card - Chief's Life Lesson Lv.2 
Ur Mysteltainn Card - Attack Up Lv.4, Endure Lv.4 (yep same as what my weapon has. 

I understand I need to improve my stuff to kill Surt, but I have trouble upgrading, where to find the items or I'm just not strong enough, a lot of stuff is from extra quests which is a nightmare for me, I can do EX quest 1, 2 and 6 solo but nothing else. 

I would really appreciate any help and even willing to buy someone a PS Gift Card ($20, £20 etc) if they're really helpful with cards. Please!

I have the R1 version of the game but playing from the UK. I recently posted this in the card collection help forum but posting it here too for more possible people to see it. 

Also feel free to add me on PSN if you'd like help yourself. 

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