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Sly Cooper trilogy Vs Ratchet & Clank trilogy


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Ok... so I know stealth is the Sly's series best aspect, while Ratchet's is the gun-play, so I don't need those reiterated to me. So aside from those, what makes the series stand out from each other/what are their other strong suits?


Which has the better platforming (keep in mind Deadlocked and up [like Nexus and so fourth] are excluded from this)?


Which has the better gameplay?


Which has the better storyline(s)?

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I'd say the Sly trilogy has the best platforming, simply because there is more of it and because you have a wide variety of moves, and story (3's story was kind of a let down though). Honestly, I'd say both have a pretty weak story, but the main villain of Sly 1 and 2 makes up for it because

the idea that there is one assassin who has been taking out the whole Cooper family - or at least, I assume so, they had to die somehow - since as far back as ancient Egypt at the very least adds a lot of menace to his character - he truly feels like he's a danger, especially since he could've wiped out Sly and prevented the entire trilogy if he hadn't let pride get in the way

and overall the story was just more memorable, as were the characters.


Gameplay overall though? That'd probably go to Ratchet, because even though platforming doesn't feel like it gets as big of a focus as it did in Sly (especially in Ratchet 3. So many ranger missions that excluded it entirely), it excels when it is actually used in the gauntlets during arenas, and all the guns felt unique to each other (and the RYNO is a lot of fun to use ;) )

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I think it is obvious that Sly games have better platforming. Ratchet and Clank have platforming aspects to it, but it is more of a 3rd person shooter while Sly is primarily a platform game with stealth-action elements in it.

Story? I'd give it a tie I suppose. They are just so different that it's difficult to pick a definitive favorite. They both have their quirks and charms and are great in their own right.

Now, gameplay. I would go with Ratchet and Clank. It plays more smoothly than the Sly Cooper games and Ratchet and Clank 3 is a masterpiece in my mind. BUT, I like 3rd person shooters more than platformers so I could definitely see why someone would say Sly Cooper. Sly games are no slouch in terms of gameplay. It could rival with most PS2 games (we are talking about PS2 HD ports here).

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Oh man, as someone who just finished all the Sly and R&C games (and is most of the way through the Jak trilogy - I see your avatar OP, lol) over the last year or so, this is a topic I've been discussing a lot lately with friends and coworkers.


Overall I think I enjoyed the trilogies equally.  Sly 2 and 3 (and TiT) were awesome.  The first game was really annoying, and I'm very glad they changed the entire format for Sly 2.  R&C was great from the start, and the first game is one of my favs from the entire series.  I didn't like 2 and 3 quite as much as 1, but they were all great.


Platforming - I think Sly gets the edge on this one.  While these games were all very similar from Sly 2 on, R&C was a bit more focused on exploration than platforming, whereas Sly was equal parts of both.

Gameplay - If you don't count Sly 1, then they are equal to me, maybe giving Sly an edge, but since you have to count Sly 1, I'd say R&C narrow gets the win here.  While R&C 2 added the much needed lock strafe, the first game didn't have it, which was frustrating.  One of the reasons the Jak games have annoyed the hell out of me is the lack of this very feature.

Story - This is a hard one too.  Both have over-arching stories that blossom throughout the trilogy, and R&C goes the added mile to continue this, for the most part, across the entire series.  Only considering the trilogies, I don't think I could pick one over another, I liked the stories of both.


Now, if you wanna throw Jak into the mix, hands down either of these trilogies beat it on all levels :P

(though Jak 1 over Sly 1 easily, and maybe even R&C 1.... maybe)

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