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Golden Bow.


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So I got on smite after being off for awhile and I noticed while building my Artimes that golden bow was just gone... 

I was like no way this can't be so I looked through every tab looking for the Golden bow then I started getting a bit upset

So then I Looked up and yep removed from game ... Why? It wasn't even that OP It helped archers wave clear.. Honestly

And there will be people who try to defend this shit and be like well it was OP blah blah was it really? Honestly the only thing it helped me do was clear waves as certain archers... 

I just don't understand this is why I don't normally play games like this to many changes when change isn't needed and ruins peoples play styles. 

Don't feel like adjusting my play style every time a developer decides oh We are gonna do this now with no compensation to what players who use this do. So you find yourself without a build that you grew to love. Its stupid

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