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Screenshotting on PS3


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I don't think you can screenshot on PS3 without having a capture device, the Elgato Game Capture HD allows you to take screenshots, but costs £100 so if you're only gonna use it for screenshots then it's probably not worth it. 


This is wrong. Many games support screen shot through  :ps: + :start: , but not all. The screenshot will save under pictures. I've heard it even works with programs like Netflix.

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you can take a screen shot on PS3 by holding both the home button and start?

I thought this is only on Vita, and I thought you can only took a screen shot IF the game itself support it, something like a "Camera Mode or Photo Mode" games like Little Big Planet series, Gran Tourismo 5 and 6, MGS 4, PS Home and Tekken 6

though the screen shots taking on a LBP games and store it on the XMB always look so low res'd and blurry like it was intentionally been made that way due to some copyright stuff or something.

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