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Trophy thoughts?


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I glanced at the list today since I originally wanted to get this game just because it seems like a fun party game to play.


Although now I sit down and look at the list it's a really easy list, fun too. I just spent a few hours with my boyfriend's brother singing a ton of songs and the trohpies just kept popping lol. Seems like an easy platinum. (I mean till PSN comes back up and I can get the trophies for the uploads.. lol.)

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I've read this part from another forum:


"The only thing that the game measures in order to determine whether you have successfully passed any given section, is weather or not you were making noise at the time - You could stick your microphone up to the struggle of a man being killed in a snuff film and as long as the struggle lasted the entire song, you'd likely have five stars. Not only that, but sections l'd obviously missed, it would retroactively give me points for when I started singing again, which leads me to believe they went with the "everybody is a winner" approach that's largely responsible for making these pansy-ass SJWs that can't handle being told "You didn't do it good enough - Try again.""

Is it true?

If it is, then the game is really easy, platinum wise since it doesn't require any skills to achieve it.

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