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What a Trophylist!


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Just noticed the Trophylist was up. I have to say that some of them made me laugh out loud. Willy (playing the Dutch anthem), Old McDonald and Choo Choo to name a few.

I made a preorder on this game. Can't wait to play Two Tribes' last game.

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38 minutes ago, LordBilbanes said:

Is this game really hard?  I noticed the guide gives it a 5/10 difficulty rating but the platinum is really rare.

It isn’t hard. But only if you can back up your saves as doing one credit mode the intended way would be a 10/10. It’s a really fun game! And it’s on sale now for €3. Go for it!

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Just finished it recently, was a blast! Loved this little gem. It has great gameplay, nice sounds, smart humour and cool trophies. The one credit trophy doesn't feel possible without uploading every now and then though, which is a bit of a shame. The two life 'upgrades' don't do anything to be honest, and a lot can go wrong with just an unlucky moment (you get hit by one enemy and then you get hit chained by other 3/4 and kinda insta die). But other than that, the rest is on point.


Recommend it highly!

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