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Items Trading Topic (Feature Shutdown on December 5)


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Can anybody lend me these for their respective trophies?


1. Thermal, Burnout or Nitrous Rocket boost.
2. Ion Rocket boost or Halo topper.


I promise to return them back after I got the trophy/ies.
I can even lend my items as as insurance.


PSN ID: Snakemaru


I can help with your other trophies, if need be.


UPDATE: Got both trophies now. I bothered 2 people and requested to borrow their items. Thanks, mates!

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15 hours ago, leandrorhcp said:

Is anyone able to help me with some items? I need these to unlock some trophies:


- Thermal, Burnout or Nitrous rocket boost

- Ion rocket boost or Halo topper

- A certified item

- A painted item


I’ll gladly help with any trophies you may need. Thanks!

Hi. I could lend you my Nitrous rocket boost but please return it back after you got the trophy.

I also have a painted item and not sure about the Certified Item.

PSN ID: Snakemaru


I hope you could join my club or I could join your club and try to earn the Squad Goals trophy.

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7 hours ago, FireOfTheWind said:

I need someone to Trade an item for "Swap Meet" Also it would be Perfect if anyone has Veteran status item :)


If you trade an item you don't get its current status, but go back to 0.

So even if it's veteran already for the guy giving it to you, you will still have to put it veteran yourself :)

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