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Items Trading Topic (Feature Shutdown on December 5)


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Hello i am just looking for a the boost for the "Dont Look Back" trophy. Will be used to get trophy and give back just want to get this annoying trophy out of the way any help would be appreicated.

PSN: rArizu  


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2 hours ago, POEman553 said:

Just need Certifiable trophy, so I need a Veteran certified item.

I think you actually need to upgrade an item to Veteran, not just have one. Because I got a Veteran item blueprint from after-game drops and it did not pop the trophy when I used it to make the item.

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Hey everyone!


I need the following trophies:

One Better


Swap Meet


Will trade back right after.

If anyone is willing to help a brother out it will be massively appreciated! 😊

E: shoot me a message on PSN:


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I'd like to get this done before the deadline approaches.  If possible, I'd be grateful to find either a halo topper or ion boost as I still need the trophy related to those items.  I have a nitrous rocket boost and Backfire, Breakout and Merc bodys for anyone who needs one of them.  Please send me a friend request and message on PSN so we can help each other out.

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