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Disk error! Please give a read!


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Dear gamers, i was playing Ride to Hell Retribution ... Near the end a member of your family get killed in a cutscene, right before the last and final mission against Cesar. During the loading of the last mission it appear this : "The disk has been ejected restart the game" ... The strange thing is... the game is still inside! I  restarted the game, i select continue, loading ok, two dramatic cutscene... loading of the last mission---> DISK EJECTED RESTART THE GAME -.- wtf man any idea? PS i also downloaded the DLC (but i erased after they told me it may has been the problem of this major bug, and guess what? SAME DISK ERROR). Ok what should i do now? It was the last mission damn it! 

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It might be the disc its self, could have a scratch or chip in it and won't read past that section. It happened to me with a few games I rented or bought used before. Getting a new disk solved the issued.

I would go to the extrem of deleting the data, I don't think it will solve the problem, maybe if you data was corrupted or a trophy glitched but I don't think it will help wth a read disc error.

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I tried to 1) clean the disk 2) keep my PS3 in vertical and horizontal position 3) insert the disk keeping my PS3 up (from horizontal position) 4) smashing X button (worked for San Andreas...) 5) pressing the PS Home button while it was loading 6) checking with a standard blu ray (but everything is working!) 7) restarting my PS3... Now i could only try to polish the disk with a toothpaste or restore my database... Go to hell "Ride to Hell!"

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