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Sony will not allow user mods for Fallout 4 or Skyrim Special Edition on PS4


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Uh people do know the mods are now on PC and Xbox One, right? What's with the "keep them on PC"? Sony is the only company now that won't allow something that their competition has.


Doesn't the Xbox One run a modified version of Windows? Isn't Microsoft trying to get the PC/Xbox/Windows phones/Windows tablets markets merged into one coherent OS?


So while I had no idea that mods are now on Xbox, I'm not surprised and my feelings are all the same, since I don't play Xbox or PC: Keep them on PC which includes Xbox.

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And this is the reason why peeps don't want to voice their opinions anymore.


Like me. Became disillusioned with gaming news long ago as it was and is all a slinging contest. The drastic extremes of opinions over the years have had an effect.



Like people can't own multiple platforms right?


Considering I own multiple, obviously.

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