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Uncharted Remastered problem

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I played through Uncharted on Crushing but on the chapter Sanctuary I had a tough time so moved it from crushing to hard to get through it and I did all the other chapters on Crushing. So I went back and played Sanctuary on crushing and beat it so I scrolled through all the chapters and it said All Chapters were beat on crushing. So I beat the Uncharted game on crushing, and I went to play a new game on Brutal and I can highlight it but it wont let me choose it starting a new game. I went through the chapters again and I went to Sanctuary and it said completed on crushing but it has a ? behind Sanctuary? What do I need to do to get me to play the game on Brutal? All the chapters say I beat them on crushing. I did the same on Uncharted 2 on the end guy and I went back and beat him on crushing and Im able to play Uncharted 2 on Brutal. Has anyone had this problem or does anyone have a resolution for this glitch, I feel incomplete by not beating these games on the hardest levels. I beat Uncharted 4 Digital deluxe on the hardest level. >> Thanks H8TER21,

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