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Official "Hey, my trophies are broken!" thread.


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A thread where we can discuss the different trophies that haven't unlocked properly for us. It seems to be a common problem with this game. Personally, I'm waiting to see if there's some kind of patch coming because I'm not going to bother if things wont' unlock. Anyway, here's what I've seen so far.


:silver: Onward to the Next Legend: [STORY] Clear using all teams (including boss and mid-boss. This one seems to be common.


:silver: Hey, Mr. 1 In Japan! : [RANKED MATCH] Win 50 times. I went ahead and won an extra match to see if it would unlock, sadly this wasn't the case.


I also read something on pst.org about the trials trophy not unlocking properly. It seems this game is riddled with all kinds of trophy bugs. The game needs a patch or three, not just for the trophies, before I'll be playing it again.

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I won 10 ranked matches in a row, yet it didn't give me "Now...no one can stop me". I even contacted both Sony and Atlus about it and they said perhaps play Ranked continuously through (despite I went on and off yet still got the 5 ranked wins in a row trophy). 


And I can't confirm yet but I'm pretty sure I'm not able to get either 50 or 100 Party Mode trophies. The fight log even says I played it over 50 times.


I'd also contact Atlus if you could, because apparently I was the first and only person to tell them about the trophy problems. If it's just me, they'll never look into it.



Just got the 50 matches in Party Mode trophy. Definitely was way over 50 though. So perhaps, it unlocks randomly after a bunch of matches? I dunno. So perhaps you only have to do a couple of more ranked matches or something.

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I have not had any problems with the ranked trophies, but I unlocked all of them, but my friend has the Platinum, but he did not get the 100 ranked wins trophy in 100 wins. He had to win 101. This leads me to assume that because of how faulty and broken the game is at times that in some cases the tracking system breaks. I have played matches online in ranked where the opponent's team was labeled incorrectly. Example:
My opponents' team prior to the incorrect match:
Terry, Yuri, King

My opponents team in the next match:
Billy, Athena, King

The opponents name listing in the match with Billy, Athena, King:
Terry, Yuri, King.


So as you can see, there are some flaws in the tracking system. So some people I suppose may have to do extra work online because of issues like this.


As for the story, I do not have ay information for atm, but will post more if I find anything out.

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I was pretty sure the Onward to the Next Legend trophy glitched out for me, since I beat arcade mode with all the teams and got no trophy. However I beat story mode again after the latest patch came out, and I got the trophy right away after the credits this time. I haven't even got all the secret team endings yet, so I guess the patch fixed the glitch and it has nothing to do with secret teams. Hopefully it fixed it for everyone, and not just me.

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