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Problems With Xmb Sort?

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Hi all,

I've noticed recently that for some of the games on the site, sorting trophies by the XMB option sometimes does not work correctly. I've noticed this with Borderlands, as some of the DLC trophies are interspersed with those of the original game, when I remember them all coming after the original game trophies. Haven't looked too much at other games but the problem seems to be sporadic instead of affecting all games.

This isn't a big deal by any means since all the trophies for a given game do appear, just not in the same order as on the PSN. That being said, it'd still be awesome if this could be looked at :) .

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Yeah, they're in the wrong order, it's not XMB order for some games.

The really important stuff like whether you have the trophies works though, just an issue with the order which is annoying. If you could fix it though, it'd be appreciated.

If you want me to provide you with lists of stuff ordered correctly, I could do that.

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