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$20 eShop give away riddle.


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The first person to name the game gets the code.


I've tried to get into it many times before.

I hunt it now and then but never get close.

It's like a race car that gets away at every turn.

It was a given.

i've not 10 nor 8 but right there in between.

It has no sword nor gun.

No one to save.

It is neither here nor there.

It's back and forth.

Think Todd Solodnz.

In 2004.



The riddle has been solved, xFalionx is the winner.  Thanks to all that played and look forward to another riddle.  

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Come on, if I can guess it on my first try, surely someone can get it. I'm not even that big on riddles. lol1-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862512

It's true, Mas did get it on the first try.  I encourage everyone to read the post and try to narrow it down.  the truth, as they say, is in the pudding.


Masamune did not claim the prize so it is still up for grabs.

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