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How's multiplayer these days?


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I don't know about its exact status right now but when I booted up the game again 6 months ago, I wasn't able to find a single multiplayer match and eventually quit the game after searching for 20 minutes. It might have just been an issue back then but I highly doubt the online is still (very) active.

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Multiplayer is still reasonably active, but mostly under the Playlist "Racing" category or less so the Custom with Quick join. Most of the other categories are not as commonly active these days but you can still find others active occasionally. When you try to find races, and you are in your own lobby, then just back out of the lobby and try to join again, eventually it will match make and find an active lobby with others, from mainly the above two types. For those wanting to obtain the few special trophies, private matches can still be arranged and these can be dispatched quickly, most of the fun in the online is in the Racing category, or else the Demolition derbies.

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tried to get the MP trophies but there's no one to play with.

it seems the community in grid 2 have long dead and gone even way before I bought the game, the only way to revive it's multiplayer mode for at least two months is by putting it as a free ps plus game which I believe Sony already did months ago.

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