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Street Fighter V 45% and Mega Man Legacy 50% codes COMPETITION TIME

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So I bought the 15 dollars humble bundle and I really don't want to buy SFV and I'm not really that interested in Mega Man Legacy edition either, so none of my friends want it, I guess I will give it away here but with a twist,  I think I will put a sort of game and the winner will get the code. (sorry for the grammar btw, english is not my first language) You can only try to answer everything in one comment, so we can avoid spamming. 

First Place will get SFV discount code
Second Place will get Mega Man Legacy code.


BTW if you don't want to answer everything that's ok, the person that has more correct answers is the one that is going to win.

So,  next week I will give the discount to the person that guess correctly the most answers.

These are the questions:

  • 1.- My Favourite Ubisoft game or Franchise---
  • 2.- My Favourite Square Enix game or Franchise.---
  • 3.- My Favourite Activision game or Franchise---
  • 4.- My Favourite 2k game or Franchise---
  • 5.- My Favourite EA game or Franchise---
  • 6.- My Favourite Bethesda game or Franchise---
  • 7.- My Favourite Konami game or Franchise---
  • 8.- My Favourite Capcom game or Franchise---
  • 9.- My Proudest Platinum---
  • 10.- My Hardest Platinum (my opinion) ---
  • 11.- My Easiest Platinum (my opinion)----
  • 12 My Favourite PS3 Exclusive---
  • 13 My Favourite Underrated game.---
  • 14 My Favourite Obscure game.---
  • 15 My Most Anticipated game of 2016---
  • 16 My Favourite Street Fighter Character---

I think that's enough for a competition, this is only to be a little fair and also to have some fun, again this is just to have some fun, I know this discounts aren't the next big thing, but it is still a good discount.

You can try to answer everything but you don't have to, I guess it increases the chance for it, but do it in one comment so we don't have spams.



Ok guys have a good day and good luck.

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