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Project Platinum: Persona


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I'll be honored to be the first to sign up.  :lol:


I got Persona 4 Golden & Persona 4 Dancing All Night. I suck at fighting games. So I don't think I will ever get that Arena plat.


Hype for Persona 5 tho! :)


I guess you can put me into the great seal. Persona 4 Golden & Dancing all night is platted. I really need to work on Arena Ultimax. Need a parnter.

Good luck to those who already have P4 Arena platted for this..


Added to the Hall of Fame!

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dd me

Welcome to the Velvet Room: Earn a trophy in any Persona game




I have P4G, but it's hidden and won't appear again till I get another trophy I guess.


I'll take your word for it. :)



Too bad I don't have any platinum yet. Oh well.


Added under Welcome to the Velvet Room.

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I don't have any Persona platinums yet (I've been waiting for P5 dammit), so just sign me up for Welcome to the Velvet Room for now please. :)

This is pretty much the best PP, no question.


Hey, this is... kinda bad... I do want the Gold rank (simply because I want that damned P4U) but Silver is Minato... 

I can't betray myself... so... I'll be content with Minato =D


P4G and DAN.


Sign me up for :silver: Great Seal, I got these plats:

1Se246c3.png 1Se86c8f.png


I need the P4U mp trophies too.


Sign me up for heartless armed angel. I got the dancing all night plat


I only have P4DAN platinum. 


I have the plats for P4AU and P4:DAN :)


I have the P4G plat.


Well, I'm sure that everyone knows the best Persona game don't have a trophy list (yet).


Anyway, you can add me to the list. Don't have a single plat so far.


Added all of you.

I platted both Arena games, so add me to the great seal and ultimax supra.....


Nice, I'm jealous! xD

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