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It's Triicky!


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Hello everyone! My name is Jose or you guys can just call me Triicky. I got my tag from not only the song "It's Tricky" by RUN DMC but also one of my favorite games of all time SSX Tricky. The 913 is my birthday so I decided to make this intro on my Bday :) . I'm 22 years old and I live in Massachusetts. I decided to make a PSNP account because I just recently got into Trophy Hunting even though I have had my PSN account for a few years. Before PSN, I used to be really into Achievements on Xbox, so into it that on my XBL account, I have around 220K gamerscore. Friends introduced me to this site a couple days ago and found it to be one of the coolest websites to track stats on for trophies. Once I made the account I realized I had ALOT of E Ranked games and now i'm ready to bring those up and gets some plats/100%.


I currently have a PS3, PS Vita, and a PS4.


Also like listening to Rap, and EDM, but as of late, it's been mostly KPOP. My profile pic and my signature is my favorite KPOP group, Mamamoo. Enjoy watching anime as well! Hunter x Hunter and Hajime no Ippo fan  :)


Thanks for reading!



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