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Maximum Promos! trophy help


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Anyone know how to obtain this? I have maxed out the upgrades for the concessions, team store, parking lot 1, parking lot 2 and the club seats. I've also assigned 5 promotion nights throughout the season which seems to be all I can do. All I can think of is maybe there's a way to assign 7 promotions since there is 7 options. Just not sure how to do that. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


EDIT: Not sure if it's bugged or if I am just missing something. I let an EA service rep know exactly what I had done and asked if that was what I was supposed to do or not and they couldn't help. Something along the line of it's not up to them to discuss trophies, it's up to SONY. Poop...


EDIT 2: problem solved thanks to Hayabusa85. I had auto finances turned on under the rules section in the settings and couldn't manage my promotions budget. if you're having the same problem as me, just turn off auto finances and then adjust your promo budget to max before the preseason.

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I got it and will try to help but I am horrible at trying to explain things  :P


First the two steps that should be 100% needed....


Obviously everything needs to be upgraded to 5 stars.  


If you turned on auto finances go to the settings and put that back to manual.  At the start of the season it will ask you to set your budget.  Advertising doesn't matter so put that to the minimum it allows.  Put promotions to the max it will allow you.  Put the rest into arena budget (Might not be important if already upgraded fully).




Those are the sure things you need to do.  Next are what I had done that might have made a difference.


First when it asked me to assign promo nights I made sure to add one of every single promo.  Not sure if you need to set one of each or if you could set as many puck nights as you can (The cheapest promotion).


Second on top of the 5 star upgrades for everything I also repaired everything so that it was in the green.  Again not sure if this is needed.


Third I was the Flames.  Every team has owner ratings and one of them is willingness to spend or something like that.  The Flames owner was at 3 stars while a team like Boston for example has 5 stars.  So you might need an owner of at least three stars since an owner with 1 or 2 stars might be too cheap to allow you enough promo nights.


Finally the season I unlocked it was after I got rid of a lot of star players and just had all my draft picks to get one of them up to 90.  As a result my team salary was much lower and might have allowed me to put more money into promotions.  


Oh and it unlocked at the start of the season as soon as it had me set the promo nights.  So if you did the last upgrade mid-season you might need to sim until the next season and set the promos to unlock it.  Much like developing a 90+ player makes you wait until the next off-season.  

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Thanks a lot for the detailed response, Hayabusa! Auto finances was the issue! I must've overlooked it and just had been looking in the wrong place. Never had enough money in my promotions budget to have 1 of each type of promo. As soon as I could edit my budget (just before first preseason game), I did, added all promos and then trophy pop!  Thanks again!

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Just got it as well. Took me until the 2023 season haha. Took Florida and moved them to New Orleans in the process. A bigger market might be better.


Some tips:


1. Keep Salary cap off. Not sure if that plays into your budget, but it's best to be safe. You can sign a bunch of players and be a good team, which always helps.

2. Focus on Club Seats first and foremost. They can only be upgraded in the offseason.

3. Upgrading also repairs. Can save you some money this way. I was in the process of repairs when I earned it, so I don't thin that status matters. Just the five stars.

4. Passing GM goals never hurts. If it's win the Cup, you get $100,000.

5. Of course, five star everything else.

6. Promotions should be the last step. Send any remaining money toward that. You need enough money to assign seven. I just did one of each to be safe.


Now I just need a 90 overall drafted dude and I have all the franchise trophies.

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if you played nhl 16, you'll want to use the same method. Edit a player aged 17 in the CHL and boost his stats until he has an 89 overall and change his potential to Elite. Start a season as the Penguins (you'll see why) and sim it. win or lose, it doesn't matter. When you get to the NHL draft in the off-season, enter it, and trade Crosby for the 1st overall pick then draft the player you boosted. Remember his name and what team he played for. You might even be able to sort the overall ratings but I can't quite remember as I did it a few days ago. Hope this helped.

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