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Foxiest of the Hounds Playthrough List

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So I decided to make notes as I played through on I didn't Ask For This while going for my Foxiest trophy. There was so much fragmented information regarding this trophy online, that I felt I had no choice! I can tell you that I succeeded in getting the trophy, so if you do what I did, you are rolling!


First of all, skipped all side missions EXCEPT for the one where you get your system tuned up so that you can use as many experimental augs as possible. It's a useful mission and its super easy.




The format I used is this:


Mission - What I got - notes pertaining to mission


G = ghost

SO = smooth operator




M1 - G - There are no alarms on this mission, so you can't get SO , did not engage final enemies, took elevator down and went stealth all the way to the chopper


M2 - Nothing - There are no bonus' for this mission


M3 - G - You get it when you touch the red book in office, there are no alarms in this mission, so no SO


M4 - Nothing - There are no bonus' for this mission


M5 - SO - I didn't get ghost, but I did KILL a citizen by accident when I threw his body around. I suspect that's what stopped me from getting ghost


M6 - Nothing - There are no bonus' for this mission


M7 - G / SO  - Get to Tibor

      - SO        - Free Dusan, I accidentally killed the cop in the exosuit, so no ghost because of that I assume

      - SO        - Talk to the elevator guy, no need to do the mission where you get the black market supplies back, skipped all that stuff

      - G / SO   - Get deeper into ARC

      - G / SO   - Get to Rucker's elevator

      - SO         - Get to extraction point


(incidentally I kept the evidence from Rucker and gave it to VEGA, not sure that matters)


M8 - Nothing  - There are no bonus' for this misison


M9 - Nothing  - There are no bonus' for this mission


M10 - Nothing - After talking to Janus cutscene the drones instantly went into search mode, there was no way to avoid it. This didn't happen to me the first play through, but did this time. I cloaked and left via the way I came in, did not use the sewers. I did not receive ghost for this because of the SEARCH mode, and there is no SO because there are no alarms


M11 - Nothing - There are no alarms so no SO possible, didn't get ghost not sure why although I did take out a non aggro cult member at the start which may be the reason


M12 - Skipped this mission (bank)


M13 - Nothing - This is the GARM mission, went through perfectly, no searches, no alarms, got no bonus, also as others have stated always pick VEGA at the start of the mission. Also, don't forget to grab the killswitch here though you                             can still get it in London if you miss it.


M14 - G / SO - Meet Jim Miller, both popped... nothing for the dvali district though I didn't get caught (went in through apartments, left via secret sewer exit)


M15 - G / SO x 2 - Activate override switch (not sure why but this bonus popped twice in that room)

        - G / SO       - Get Keycard (pops the second you get the keycard, still had to take out about 5 other guards after getting the keycard. I noticed earlier if you don't pick up the keycard and move onto disposing of the other guards, it                                triggers Marchenko and you'll fail the trophy as an alarm will be triggered later.. so basically, pick up the card right away and continue knocking out mofos)


M17 - G / SO -  Save the delegates - Just cloaked and hauled ass (btw obviously Jim dies in this run as I skipped the bank mission)


M16 - SO - Use the Killswitch - No ghost as he spots you obviously at the start.


* The whole game I reloaded any time any red status messages appeared (exclamation marks/panic/hostile/searching) The one exception was M10 as I couldn't leave without the drones being in search mode

* The whole game I would draw out enemies by making them suspicious and luring them to my position. Doesn't seem to affect G or SO

* Always reloaded if locked out or busted during hacks

* Always reloaded if failed to remote hack a camera

* kills seem to nullify G but have nothing to do with SO, even if nobody sees you or the body

* You DO NOT have to complete secondary objectives to get SO or G (unless not doing the objective results in somebody dying, then you'll lose G)

* I completed all conversations I came across in a positive fashion (Rucker/Allison)


I think that's it for now.


*** Trophy popped a little bit into the opening credits


Hope this helps!

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A couple of notes from my Foxiest playthrough that may help.


M7 - you do not need to free Dusan. I skipped every secondary objective and only did objectives that progressed the story. You can go straight from Tibor to the market and pick up the black market supplies on the way. Then you don't have to knock out the guard with the keycard to use the elevator so you can get the ghost bonus too. It's much less complicated, but requires a little hacking skill. (skip dusan, hack into the rooms with the black market supplies and go straight to Gallois who will let you pass).


M10 - Ghost is possible. In my playthrough I went cloaked straight after the cutscene and went back the way I came in, the drones never went to searching. This part is a bit wonky though, so you may have to reload a couple of times. I've had various results over my 4 playthroughs. It's not really important for foxiest of the hounds though.


M16 - I picked up the kill switch, but I didn't have it when I got in the fight with the boss (must have messed up the looting there). I was on my "never asked for this" playthrough, so I didn't have a previous save to pick it up. I did still get the Foxiest trophy by hacking both security computers and putting everything on "friendly fire". You do need hacking level 5 for this though (or 2 multi-tools). It did put the boss in search mode, but that didn't void the trophy. So that's an alternative method if you end up at the boss without the kill switch.


To clarify: The ghost bonus is for getting through an area without being seen and without touching a single enemy.



Short summary of how I got the trophy:

  • Never asked for this mode
  • Did not lay a single hand on any enemies. Everything is bypassable with alternative routes, or you can use the cloak so you don't have to take the long way around.
  • Skipped every side mission and secondary objective except for the black market supplies in Golem City (it's on the way and makes the mission a bit easier). I also skipped the experimental augs side mission, I never used any of them.
  • Invested Praxis points in the cloak, high jump, punch through wall and heavy lifting early on, so I could make the most out of the stealth routes. After that I spent my points in hacking and landing from high distance.
  • Skipped the bank mission (M12)
  • Contacted Vega in GARM
  • Killed the boss by turning all robots against him (boss went into search mode)
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To clarify: The ghost bonus is for getting through an area without being seen and without touching a single enemy.





I think the only requirements are to not be seen and not kill anybody

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