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Beat and Flux sixaxis?


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Ok, so I think I'm doing pretty well on most games, considering I'm now down to 3 and have done Perfect Perfect, but I can't understand how I'm supposed to beat Beat (I just tried twice and the first try I actually got 10-15, but I got a miserable 1-15 on my second try).

And get meta on all levels on Flux, is there more than 1 way to hold the controller?? Because if not then I'm absolute shit at this, any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated because if I don't find another way to do this I'll have to sit down and git gud


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You can set the neutral position of the controller when you start up FLUX/BEAT; make sure that whatever way you hold it, it's comfortable for you. Aside from that, it is something you'll just have to git gud at. Definitely learn the edges of your field relative to your hand positions - if you can avoid overtilting, you can snap back to the rest of the field much easier. What I tend to do is tense up my left hand a bit, so that my right hand has to use slightly more force to tilt the controller, which increases close-range control (though you'll have to get used to increasing and decreasing that tension at will to do screen-wide snaps).


It was much easier to do with the Wii Remote, honestly, since it had a default neutral and a much flatter profile.

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