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Verdun Update 1.02


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Version 1.02 just rolled out, and with it comes a LOT of improvements, and some changes. Thought it'd be worth posting for those who are thinking of getting it, or play it slowly.



Main fixes you'll take notice of:-


- General performance optimisations.

- Optimised levels.

- Possible fix for audio dropping.

- Improvements to friend joining.

- Setting controller preset will not touch inverted Y.

- Fixed a case where from a squad of 4 from a mainmenu lobby, only 1 succeeds to get in game.

- Hiding of tags in your HUD is now twice as fast.

- Warning for not having enough career points now shown correctly.

- Added switch sound when going through ability progression.

- Fixed gore being disabled.

- Increased size of player levels GUI.

- Reduced crispy icons in squad lobby experience.

- NCO command will not activate immediately when opening while aiming.

- NCO commands will not be blocked when earning a telephone.

- Using telephone will not also open NCO commands.

- Controller preset will not reset in preloader, main menu and when staerting a game.

- Squad name changes correct after switching.

- Fixed Wex flame orientation.

- Removed offensive filter so certain names will not be replaced.

- Grenades now also hurt yourelf in Squad Defence.

- You can no longer aim down sights while reloading.

- Animations will now behave correctly when opening NCO commands.

- After Action no longer shows default values.

- Prompt for switching ironsight now shown.

- Chanign team in Attrition is now possible in the Scoreboard.

- Button promp for ammo crate will now disappear immediately when not in range.

- Scrolling through Account screen is now less fast.

- Improved performance while spectating.

- Removed the outline around the screen when spectating.

- Vote message is now smaller and replaced above minimap.

- You now collide with players instead of running through them. (this'll be a pain when your team is running in one huge group, or camping.)

- Kill message no longer overlaps with following message.

- Minimap is now better lit for each map.

- Water in Flanders now has fog enabled.

- Player count now displays properly in loading screen.



Smaller fixes, imo:-



- Fixed Pixel alignment of menus

- Fixed squad not disappearing if empty.

- Fixed flickering of objects on characters.

- Fixed game getting stuck when you keeo pressing play random.

- Fixed movement slowing down when you have higher framerate.

- Fixed helmet leak on main menu map.

- Fixed helmet not correctly switching graphic or side when changing section in lobby.

- Fixed localisation typos.

- Fixed time tag on teammates.

- Fixed player tags disappearing.

- Fixed issue where in offline mode of squad defence, you do not get the squad you selected in main menu.

- Fixed that Squad Defence call-ins no longer get triggered all at once.

- Improved Squad Defence bot syncing.

- Changing selected map and backing out of map selection for TDM and FFA will play audio.

- Autobalance now shows a shorter message.

- Added V-Sync option.

- When connecting, it no longer shows a redundant second screen.


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Hey appreciate the update and I can confirm, the game ran smooth as all hell tonight for me.  It's beyond intense.  And coincidentally I've been watching the history channel in the past weeks on the World Wars... This game really puts things in perspective!  Very intense.  Had a 7 kill streak sneaking into the opposing teams trenches when we were suppose to be retreating!  I'm looking forward to putting time into this.   I give this a green light to anyone hesitant about server issues.  It's really a neat game.  I can see it being a blast with friends/co op.  Feel free to add me.  Anyone.


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