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Best way to keep online boosting going

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Hey there everyone :)


I have just won the 100 tag duels.


@BIOHAZARD-R-US, thank you so much for your very valuable tips!


When I tried to play more than one duel without signing out, my game crashed instantly.

Therefore I did the sign-out-method and it worked very well.


Actually, I still encountered quite a few issues regarding the connection. Sometimes, the game started, but there were no cards dealt and the "Duel!" writing wasn't on screen. Furthermore, there have been some loading screen crashes, but ultimately I was able to get the matches done.

Honestly, I thought that the duel counter was a bit off as it took me quite a few hours to finish the online portion, but I guess it is working correctly.


I boosted the game with 4 consoles by myself which was a rather hassle-free way to do it.


Greetings from Germany :) 


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