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Australian Shepherd Plays SFV Better Than You Do


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Doubt it. Aussies are one of the breeds considered intelligent enough for service dogs. Ours has figured out how to open doors with no training at all. He figured out how to do it by watching us. When he was a puppy, he kept getting over his baby gates that were too high to jump over; we watched what he did when he thought we weren't looking, little fucker learned to climb over it like a ladder at 4 months old. Link proving it's fake, otherwise I'm inclined an Aussie is perfectly capable of learning this given enough training.

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Sorry to burst your bubble guys but that was confirmed fake. Still hilarious tho.

It could be real. Some breeds of dogs can be trained to do stuff like this.

I have to say I have similar dog to damon8r351, Siberian Husky, but he learned how to open doors in like a month of watching us, no training at all since we didn't exactly want him to know this as now he lets himself into any room whenever he feels like it. I also caught him climbing the tree once for birds.

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