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Way of Warrior and Way of Cleric at same time. Bug or not?


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Hi guys,


I would like to say that I really enjoyed LotF.
On my first playthrough I played as Outlaw (Rogue + Brawler). To my surprise I won Way of the Warrior (its OK) and Way of the Cleric (what?) at same time. Anyone knows why? Bug or not?
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I just started NG++ but the game did not allow me to select the magic type... then I checked the spell wheel, and the cleric spells are active.. even if I did not select it..did this happen to anyone else?


Heya, every new game + you play you must select a magic type you haven't picked before. Since you're on NG++ you only have one magic type left you haven't used hence why the cleric was automatically picked (you can now use all 3 magic types).


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On 22/04/2018 at 4:59 PM, LeRandomDude said:

Same thing happened to me! Did anyone ever find out why this happens?

Hello, I don't know how I did I just complete the game now and the two trophies are also unlocked for me. I started the game as a warrior, but both are now unlocked, and like you I don't know why.

EDIT: I just started the NG+ and both Cleric and Rogue was available in the choice. I don't understand why both trophies were unlocked ...

However, all three skill trees are available when leveling ...

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