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Mission Kaiser Friedrich Museum-It was never finished correctly. A Balls Up


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Pleasse have a look at this video I created via my PS3 gameplay which shows a massive balls up in the Mission.

Oh and how we were tricked away from the self evident proof that the creators fxcked up big time, then redirected gamers away from it.

Thus completing the mission the way it was not meant to be completed.  In fact I found the programming fxck ups by trying to do the Mission the way its meant to be done. Impossible. 



NOTE:: My Channel on Youtube is Non Profit-No Ads and all that non E begging sh!t. Let me know what you think about this. As its an issue that no-one else seems to have spotted. 

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Pretty weird. I got the plat way back in 2013 and never had any issues like that on this or any other mission that I can remember.

Because you completed the mission the way we all did, the way rebellion preferred us to complete it.


What my point was, that level was fxcked up half way through by the programmers and was not fixed, but we as gamers we were redirected down the way rebellion fixed it to be.

If you replay the game or look at another YT video on the same mission, by another YT uploader, then compare them you will see what I mean. 

Thanks for looking at it. Makes you wonder eh?

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bit late to the party but thanks for the video very interesting to see alternate and changed routes in the game, i also noticed the gazebo where the 2 russians are standing with some anti tank guns and other details seemed like a too fleshed out of an area,  to be just window dressing and to house a beer bottle glad i found out why.

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