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Glitched trophies ?


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Can anyone confirm that the trophies for reaching resolve level 6 with one character and with a team of 4 are glitched ? They are at 0.00% despite a trophy requiring that a team of resolve level 6 characters entering a dungeon together is at 0.84% currently.



I have noticed a few trophies in this game are not popping the first time I complete the requirements.


Some examples being I have "Like Lambs to the Slaughter" but I do not have "Valiant Sacrifice" even though all my characters died in the Darkest Dungeon quest.  I also had 3 party wipes before I actually got the trophy for doing so.


I cannot speak to if the trophy is glitched, but I should have at least one lvl 6 in the next day or two, so I can let you know then.

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I can confirm these trophies are bugged. The trophies for one level six and four level six did not pop when I got my first party to six. They are also the only two trophies sitting at zero percent when you look at them on the system, so I assume it is a wide spread problem.

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