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"Big Night For Us" - Trophy Bug?


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Hello guys,


(Topic: Big Night For Us)


Me and my girlfriend are trying this trophy for almost 2 hours now. The thing is we managed to do exactly what the trophy descriptions says. We also know that the trophy/achievement is bugged on the xbox version (you HAVE to get all the decreasing size powerups).


We tried both, getting all powerups, as well as leaving them out. Of course nobody died, except clones which is intended. Btw we're playing on PS3. We tried both methods several times.


Can somebody of the 5-6 people who got this trophy please explain what to do to unlock it? Maybe on PS3 version its unobtainable and we do nothing wrong, but maybe you have a solution. Thanks in advance! 


My girlfriend loves this game, she's very good. Def. a good coop-game for girls (Chariot was the best).



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Odds are that the 5 people who got this trophy aren't active on the forums, you have a better chance messaging them on PSN instead. Good luck for the couple, hope you two manage to slog through this insane grind and net the platinum.


You're right i guess. Thanks for your reply! About the platinum; i think its simply impossible to finish all the missions in coop mode. On some stages you have to rescue way too many clones, its insane. The levels are not designed to save many clones due to its scrolling speed. Not dying is possible and doable, but i doubt the missions requirements were tested by the devs. Anyway, we will try :)

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After about 20 minuets of trying various tactics, me and my Fiance were able to net this rare trophy :).


We played the the PS4 version, and did exactly as the trophy desription said, we missed all the decrease sise power ups, and NEITHER one of us died at any point (excluding the clones). I can confirm neither of you can die completely at any point during the level - i.e. you must both have at least one clone alive at any point in order for the trophy to pop.


Another tip - at the start of the level with all of the saws, don't waste time trying to pick the best moment to go, you will die if you spend too much time around here, you will have better odds if you just rush through this tricky secion. Once you've sucessfully got past the first section, the rest of the level isn't too bad :).


I have included a link below to the video of us sucessfully nailing this. I wish the PS4 would record the trophy popping when you save videos BTW :/.


I'm so proud we managed to get this - it's now my rarest trophy :D







I hope these tips can help others in getting this!




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