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PS3 turns off when in game menu


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Well, my ps3 slim does that on very specific games, the games being Dead Island and Dirt 3. And it does it only sometimes, not always. It's weird, my ps3 is fine on every other game, SO FAR. I'm currently playing The Stick of Truth and nothing happened, at least until today.

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On 08.10.2016 at 2:32 AM, BrunzaSebenico83 said:

When I turn it on, my ps3 just turns off and it starts flashing red light, and my controller is still on. I tried several times, on mp races, offline events and it didn't even allowed me to choose, it immediately turns off. I got it from EU plus. Any ideas what to do?

Have same problem. PS3 slim. You found a fix? Tried with different accounts and it’s all same. Interesting if this problem only for some PS3 models.



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